Monday, February 23, 2009

Mapping a Route

I've been able to put together a rough plan for the route I'm going to take for the first leg of the trip.  I'm going to the Indian subcontinent first because it is the most dense with fast growing cities.  Several cities on the list are close together and the railway system connects most all of them.

After entering in Mumbai, I'm going to head north to Surat in Gujarat.  Surat is interesting because most of the world's diamonds move through there against the backdrop of incredibly fast growing urban slums.

From Surat I'll make my way north to Delhi to the fast growing satellite cities around the indian capital.  I'll have to spend some time in Delhi to get an entry visa for Bangladesh.

From Delhi its a long train ride to Calcutta where I'll catch the 'Maitree (Friendship) Express', an international train from Calcutta to Dhaka that just started running in 2008. After Dhaka I'll move on to Chittagong to finish off the first leg.

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